User Guide Quick Start
Are you a user trying to navigate Lunar Assistant for the first time? Become a pro with the user guide quick start.

Linking A Wallet

Start by linking a wallet to your discord account with the Lunar Assistant by running /lunar-link. Example response:
The output of running /lunar-link
Click the link to visit the Lunar Assistant website where you can link a wallet with your discord account.
The Lunar Assistant wallet linking page
Linking your wallet is a two step process. First connect your wallet, and then sign a transaction proving ownership of the wallet. This transaction will never be sent to mainnet and is completely free.
The Lunar Assistant wallet linking page after signing a transaction
After signing the transaction you will see a message to return to Discord and run /lunar-view-roles in order to see what roles you have been granted.

Viewing Roles

View your roles by running /lunar-view-roles from any Discord server with Lunar Assistant installed. The response message will list the roles that you have been granted through Lunar Assistant based on the contents of your linked wallet.

Viewing Linked Wallet

You can run /lunar-view-wallet at any time in order to see which wallet address you have linked to your account.

Disconnecting The Linked Wallet

You can run /lunar-disconnect-wallet in order to disconnect your discord account from your wallet address.

Further Reading

To learn more about lunar assistant user commands, see the following reference: