Your new Discord community building tool :)

Welcome to Lunar Assistant

Welcome to Lunar Assistant! Here you'll find all the documentation you need to get up and running with the Lunar Assistant Discord Bot.
Lunar Assistant is a Discord bot that helps with the community management of NFT communities across multiple blockchains. Quickly set up NFT community voting, private channels for those with certain types of NFTs, and public whitelists for mints.

Core Features

  • Manage discord communities based on the contents of discord user wallet addresses.
  • Support for linking multiple user wallets across multiple blockchains to a single discord user.
  • Declare rules for automatically assigning roles based on the contents of discord user wallet addresses. The possibilities are endless, but a common use case is to create private channels that only users with specified wallet holdings have access to.
  • Plug and play crypto whitelisting based on Discord's KYC process (Coming Soon). Don't reinvent the wheel :)

Want to jump right into installing the bot?

Feeling like an eager beaver? Jump into the bot setup docs and get Lunar Assistant installed on your discord server:

Want to understand how to interact with the bot as a user?

Are you a user trying to navigate Lunar Assistant for the first time? Become a pro with the user guide quick start:

Want to deep dive?

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our commands reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the discord bot: